When life handed Sue Burns, founder and designer of baabaazuzu™, lemons; she made lemonade. After her husband shrunk her favorite wool sweater in the dryer, she decided to give the pint-size garment a new life; she cut it up and pieced it together to make outfits for her daughters. The rest is history. Today baabaazuzu™ employs 20 people at the Traverse City production facility and outsources most of the sewing to local home school moms, as well as seamstresses who were left out of work after a local factory went out of business.

“Just like snowflakes, no two pieces of baabaazuzu are ever alike. Each is lovingly handcrafted of 100% vintage wool, reclaimed and transformed into a beautiful and oh-so-cozy wearable. Every piece is an inspired original. Just like the person who wears it.” Sue Burns

Vogels and Fosters carries various ladies Baabaazuzu items for fall and winter.  Every Baabaazuzu piece is one-of-a-kind, but photos will give you some idea of what they look like.