Daniel Hechter

dhFashion from Daniel Hechter is worn by people who know what they want in life – and just how to get it. The French call this “savoir vivre,” the art of living well. “Savoir vivre” means knowing what one wants. This sixth sense is nothing that can be learned from a book. It is a matter of personal style, of the intuitive perfect touch. With the right ingredients, savoir vivre turns a simple meal into a banquet and a blazer into a show-stopping outfit when combined with beautiful accessories.
The Daniel Hechter brand subsists on savoir vivre as well. Thanks to its origins in Paris, the capital of fashion, it offers savoir vivre at its most beautiful—with a sure sense of style, a cosmopolitan flair and a creative twist. For people who know what they want and just how to get it. Daniel Hechter, the art of living well, is flourishing around the globe. People who wear Daniel Hechter fashion are self-confident, contemporary and open to the world around them. Dressing well is important to them, their clothing must under- score their personality. With their sure sense of personal style, they move confidently in many circles: in the office during the day, at the gym in the evening or when stepping out for a night on the town.